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The Floridian Social Club: A Place for the Community

April 13, 2020


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The Floridian Social Club: A Place for the Community

If you have never heard of the State Theatre, please take a couple of minutes to view the video above to give you some background on the historic site.

If you are familiar with the State Theatre, then we are proud to introduce you to the Floridian Social Club.

It all started back in 2018, when Kevin Chadwick, real estate agent and third generation ‘Burger, committed himself to preserving a special piece of history in St. Pete as a way to give back to the community. When he heard that the last of the great theatres in St. Pete was on the market and that other developers wanted to repurpose the site, destroying the historic gem, he knew he had to buy the State Theatre.

Over the last two years of renovations, Chadwick and his team have created an 8,600 square foot venue that can host up to 800 people, a considerable amount more than the 600 the space could hold before. Working with historians from the City, Chadwick was able to find photographs of the then Alexander Bank when it first opened. Using those as their guide, they have made sure that the building will look exactly the same on their opening day as it did in 1924 (See a rendering of the lobby below).

What can locals expect from the Floridan Social Club? “Everything and anything that they can creatively think of,” says Chadwick, noting that they created the space to be a multi-event venue. While they have installed the nicest sound and lights PA system of any venue this size for world-famous and local musical performers alike, the Floridian Social Club has been designed to celebrate any kind of event with the community, from weddings to corporate events and everything in between.

When the venue is not being used for events or musical performances, their lounge (see below) will be open for cocktails from Tuesday through Thursday, programmed by the previous director of Spirits at Mandarin Hide, Niall McCourt. And on the weekends, it will transform into a club like Downtown St. Pete has never seen before.

So why rename it the Floridian Social Club? “We debated a lot of different names,” said Chadwick, sharing that ultimately, they wanted something that could stand the test of time and still be on the building 100 years from now. Floridan Social Club was the perfect fit because it represented something we all have in common. Whether you’ve been here your whole life or moved here for a slice of sunshine, we are all Floridians. And especially after this period of social distancing, we are all craving to be social.

Once they are open (and social distancing is no longer recommended), you’ll be sure to find us grabbing a drink and listening to some tunes at our new favorite Downtown hot spot, the Floridian Social Club.

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