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St. Pete Innovation District

January 31, 2022


Community Voices

St. Pete Innovation District

The St. Pete Innovation District (SPID) is home to the largest concentration of life science, marine science, education, data analytics, art and technology organizations in the Southeastern U.S. In a single square mile, the District houses research labs, universities, collaborative spaces, public and private companies, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and investors. Their proximity facilitates collaboration of disparate industries and ideas. Inventions stem from the convergence, resulting in new and expanded jobs and sustainable economic development. The “products” of innovation are publicly promoted for use in other communities to serve populations from St. Petersburg and far beyond. Current developments in the District include the ARK Innovation Center, a Maritime and Defense Technology Hub, and a new University of South Florida College of Marine Science Environmental & Oceanographic Sciences Research & Teaching Facility.

The Voice of the Community

Dr. Farhan Malik Headshot
St. Petersburg is a special combination of forward thinking, nature, and opportunity. I love how this city is so navigable. The Innovation District where I work is so easy to get to. Often, getting to a hospital is the hardest part, but I can get door to door from Historic Kenwood to JHACH in 8 minutes (20 when biking).

Your commute plays a role in overall satisfaction. The resources of JHACH belong in a bigger city. But here we are, providing truly advanced pediatric care, overlooking the beautiful bay. As the Innovation District grows, more world class science will live in St. Petersburg.

-Dr. Farhan Malik, DO, Division of Cardiac Intensive Care, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

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Community Voices

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