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Student Photography Contest - Fall 2021

September 17, 2021



Student Photography Contest - Fall 2021

In order to document the growth of St. Pete the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership (SPDP) is creating its third annual Development Guide.

SPDP is sponsoring a student photography competition to contribute to local student work. The purpose of this contest is to involve the students of the University of South Florida to help photograph life in St. Pete from a fresh perspective.

$1000 PRIZE

  • The winner will be selected to participate in a live shoot set around Downtown St. Petersburg under the management of Pyper, Inc,the agency designing the guide. The purpose is to produce original work by student photographers to feature in the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership 2022 Development Guide and beyond, as well has provide the winning student with hired work for their portfolio.
  • The winner will earn $1000 for their contribution.
  • The winner will be accredited within the guide and will retain ownership of the images with the Partnership’s ability to use them in perpetuity.
  • The Partnership reserves the right to award more than one winner.



The St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to thoughtful growth and urban redevelopment. The Partnership’s mission is to champion community prosperity through purposeful, transformative projects.

The Partnership focuses on big-picture, long-rage issues and works to form a shared vision for our future, inspired by global thought leadership, national best practices and local sensibilities. We recognize the relationship between successful cities and green space, diversity, higher education, art, transit, data-based decisions and a balanced approach to equitable and economically sustainable development. We are nimble, thoughtful, future-focused, collaborative and humble.

Our members include business leaders, public officials and community partners who are committed to growth that maintains the culture and distinct sense of place that defines this special place.

2022 DEVELOPMENT GUIDE THEME: Telling a story of life and community in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. We are looking for vibrant photography that captures the dynamic and lively experience of life, the array of culture and lifestyle of Downtown St. Pete, diversity of our people, outdoor dining, activities, gatherings, parks, neighborhoods, etc. A more developed shot list will be provided to the winner.


  • Documentary style photography
  • Portfolio submission
  • 1 entry per student which must include 1-3 images for each of the following categories
  • Lifestyle (people and street photography)
  • Architectural (interior and exterior)
  • Landscape
  • Bonus points for lifestyle shots that include people. Please note that
  • File Sizes: 5 MB max for each photo
  • File Type: JPEG/PNG
  • Entries are to be judged by the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership, Meshsem, the research firm,  and Pyper, Inc., the marketing agency leading the creative direction for the project.  
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Expression of theme per category
  • Cohesiveness with brand and past guides (specifically interior images)
  • 2021 Guide
  • 2020 Guide
  • Composition - Color, lighting, exposure and focus
  • Clarity and quality of submission per guidelines
  • Submissions must be original work.


  • Mon. 10/4: Student Submissions Due
  • Fri. 10/8: Winner selected and provided shot list details
  • Fri. 10/8 - Mon 10/25: Winner shooting
  • Mon. 10/25: Photos due to agency
  • November & December: Agency to layout and design and produce - final project to be released in early January. During this time, the winner will have the opportunity to meet with the Creative Director to learn more about the project and their portfolio development.

Important Notes: Participants will not be supplied with any additional equipment required to participate in the contest - participants must shoot and edit the photography with personal tools.  


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