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Downtown Office Development

New office development in the urban core (Facilitator)

A confluence of market factors makes it difficult to finance new office space in the urban core despite a documented need from expanding St. Pete businesses and relocating companies. The Partnership will work with public and private sector leaders to prioritize new office development, remove zoning obstacles, and find creative funding strategies for new office inventory.

Developing new office space is critical to attracting and retaining employers who provide sustainable, high-wage jobs and keep our economy growing. Recent downtown development has focused largely on residential projects, not office space. The availability of office space has remained stagnant, while the demand has steadily increased. New businesses want to relocate to St. Petersburg’s dynamic downtown. Creative entrepreneurs and young professionals want to work for companies that are located in dynamic, urban centers. Companies that want to attract the best and brightest employees are choosing downtown St. Petersburg as a competitive advantage in workforce development. The challenge of financing new office space and the time it takes to construct new buildings makes it difficult to get shovels in the ground. The St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership is working in conjunction with private developers and city leaders to facilitate and promote the development of new office space.

City Council Chambers

Officials looking for solutions to office space shortages

The Partnership raised concerns that St. Peter is losing large companies with high-paying jobs due to lack of premium office space and aging inventory.

May 10, 2023

Man sitting at a desk in public on a laptop

Building High Impact Workplaces

The Partnership is working to respond to market demand for additional workspaces in St. Pete’s vibrant urban center. Learn about our efforts on our blog.

January 6, 2020

Mirror Lake Office building exterior

Lack of Office Space Raises Concerns as Companies Bang on St. Pete’s Door

Commercial real estate and economic development leaders are urging the St. Pete City Council not to pump the brakes on supporting office construction.

October 28, 2020

Downtown building and intersection, with bikers

St. Pete 2.0: The Changing Dynamic of the Workplace in the Covid-19 Era [Survey]

In this edition of St. Pete 2.0, we are asking our readers & SPDP members to help us identify future needs and understand Covid’s impact on daily life & work.

November 5, 2020

Downtown building and intersection, with bikers

St. Pete 2.0: The Changing Dynamic of the Workplace in the Covid-19 Era [Survey Results]

In this edition of St. Pete 2.0, we asked our readers and SPDP members to identify how Covid has changed the way they work.

November 20, 2020