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St. Pete Story

Develop a narrative for our growing urban center with a strong economy, distinct culture and remarkable sense of place.

As Downtown St. Pete continues to grow and thrive, the Partnership wants to tell our story of a strong economy, distinct culture and remarkable sense of place to the world. We believe this will be necessary to maintaining the St. Pete vibe in the face of significant growth pressure, which is an issue we take very seriously. With our partners, that range from civic organizations, business groups and political leaders, our goal is to create a brand identity that describes our authenticity and soul.


St. Petersburg was highlighted for innovation, quality of life, data analytics and technology, workforce development, arts, & culture in Florida Trend Magazine.

August 3, 2022

Stu Sternberg announcing that the Rays will stay in Downtown St. Pete

For the Rays, St. Petersburg never seemed like the answer. What changed?

The Rays consider DTSP after 16 years, now that St. Petersburg has become a staple destination for arts and dining, featuring new, high-end buildings.

September 25, 2023

Downtown St. Pete Skyline reflecting on the waterfront

Telling the St. Pete Story

St. Pete is a growing urban center with a strong economy, distinct culture, and sense of place; here's how the SPDP telsl the story to businesses & investors.

March 6, 2020

SPDP Florida Trend Ad

St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership Florida Trend Ad

The Partnership recently took out an ad in Florida Trend speaking to St. Petersburg’s renaissance.

July 31, 2020