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EDGE District

January 31, 2022


Community Voices

EDGE District

The Main Street America™ accredited EDGE District is located between Dr. M.L.K. Jr. and 18th Streets and 1st Avenues North and South. Historic preservation-based revitalization enhances a vibrant and eclectic array of locally-owned, independent businesses. Visitors stroll along landscaped corridors, taking in public art and enjoying one-of-a-kind boutiques, galleries, studios and shops with designer apparel, hand-crafted beauty supplies, vintage decor and dozens of unique bars and restaurants. The EDGE District is home to many of Downtown St. Pete’s apartments, including new builds, as well as the Orange Station and Tropicana Field mixed-use developments.


Roger Curlin Headshot

The EDGE District is one of the key "heart-beats" of St. Pete - loved by our locals and hyper-focused on community collaborations.

We can be summed up in three words: Diverse. Dynamic. Delicious.

We have dozens of distinctive restaurants & bars covering every cuisine and theme, covering dawn to after midnight dining and drinks. We have a magic theatre, brewery, MLB team, event spaces and uniquely designated Wet Zone for sip and stroll events. Shop-til-you-drop with dozens of retail and body businesses to cover and care for all your parts. Anyone can create the perfect outing here.

-Roger Curlin, Investor/Consultant, Enigma Barr & Lounge

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Community Voices

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