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MLK Business District

January 31, 2022


Community Voices

MLK Business District

Founded in 1994, the MLK Business District is dedicated to expanding businesses and strengthening their presence in the community. Spanning a two mile stretch along Dr. M.L.K. Jr. Street, from 26th Avenue South to 34th Avenue North, businesses include a variety of locally-owned retail, galleries, personal services, wellness facilities and other small businesses. The proposed mixed-use development by Moffitt Cancer Center and UPC Insurance falls within the District bounds.

The Voice of the Community

Shaquille Lashley Headshot

There are a plethora of reasons I love St. Petersburg. Its grid system fosters a paradise for pedestrians. You can find bicyclists, joggers and roller skaters alike traversing the city’s blocks, exploring everything it has to offer. Additionally, the 150+ parks give my family and I a new place to visit each time we feel the need to stretch our legs. You also cannot forget the love for local businesses.

The MLK Business District is a clear example of how individuals can live, work and play outside of the downtown core.

That is why I chose to lay roots in the burgeoning Historic Uptown neighborhood. My real estate business located at Barkett Realty gives me the opportunity to be in the midst of all of the culture and growth that is celebrated in this beautiful city.

-Shaquille Lashley, Sales and Leasing Specialist, Barkett Realty

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Community Voices

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