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Warehouse Arts District

January 31, 2022


Community Voices

Warehouse Arts District

The Warehouse Arts District is a cultural arts destination in the heart of St. Petersburg. Comprised of more than 300 artists and creators, who are dedicated to building a vibrant arts community, businesses within the district support creative outreach. Artist-owned spaces are designed to protect the long-term growth of the district as a haven for artists and arts organizations. A wide range of media and styles make up this creative ecosystem, showcased monthly during the St. Petersburg Art Alliance’s Second Saturday ArtWalk. This event engages artists and art enthusiasts from the surrounding districts and beyond. Current developments include the Frances McSwain Pruitt and  J. Crayton Pruitt Arts Education Center and The Factory.


Carrie Jadus Headshot

My hope is that as our city grows, developers, investors and city government will have the foresight to preserve the distinct vibe that makes this a special place. One of the most touted benefits of living here is the “vibrant art scene”. A city loses its flourishing art scene when artists cannot afford to live or work there.

With recent developments, affordable artist studio/work space has become impossible to find. This is why I support the Warehouse Arts District Association (WADA) that was established by artists and is currently a non-profit in St Petersburg that is dedicated to maintaining affordable studio space for artists.

-Carrie Jadus, Artist and Owner, Carrie Jadus Fine Art and Portraiture

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Community Voices

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